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Welcome! December 20th 2011

For a very long time my Press and PR gurus, my retail advisors, and my personal Press office have been urging me to start writing a blog. Although I have achieved a level of notoriety (my name is imprinted into every pair of shoes sold throughout the world under the French Sole label) and obviously after almost twenty five years I am a reasonably well known shoe designer, coupled with the fact that I have had much written about me by other people over the years, I have decided to start one! (although, I still couldn’t get why people would want to read it?!).

However with a little arm-twisting I have decided that the time has finally come for me to reveal a little about myself and my life as a shoe designer and the founder of an iconic shoe label and what better way to do it than by writing a blog - so dear reader, here I go!

I have never, ever either read or written a blog. I have never understood why people would want to “follow” other people’s lives, their daily actions or even worse their “thoughts”. I don’t like being constantly updated with peoples movements and I have suspected for a long time that blogging and tweeting was a bit like those dreadful Christmas Newsletters sent from obscure members of the family to give an annual update and log of their activities throughout the year…....to be honest I find it all a bit indulgent…a nice Christmas card with ‘love from….’ would suffice!

With this in mind, I am slightly wary of writing my blog..but I aim to bring you interesting observations, exciting events, news from French Sole and hopefully a bit of a giggle along the way! One day I would love to see a celebrity write a truthful blog….listing intimate and unfortunate events…but I imagine we’ll never know the real truth so with this in mind I have decided to keep my blog updated upfront and trivia free!

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