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Back to My Roots! December 05th 2011

(Blonde) hair today - gone tomorrow! Being part of the fashion world can be quite a bit responsibility and a strain I have to keep on top of fashion and trends…or create my own! Well, I am now going to share with you my new look. I have discovered that feeling comfortable within is the best way forward! Too many women are under terrible strain to look beautiful and wrinkle free - I say the best way is to be natural and relieve yourself of all that awful high maintenance pressure - beauty comes from within (and a few carefully chosen beauty products!)

Since I was fifteen, I have bleached my hair. I started by using my father’s hydrogen peroxide, which was kept in the medicine cupboard in our bathroom - which I think he used as a mouthwash. I would use half the contents of the bottle, top it back up with tap water and he never seemed to notice! Although my suddenly blonde hair was the cause of much tut- tutting about the strength of the sun and hats were forced onto my head every summer in Bembridge ! At seventeen, I went for my first visit to a professional hairdresser’s for a set of blonde highlights - oh sunkissed bliss! I never looked back!

Every six to eight weeks a fortune was spent enhancing my golden blonde sunn-kissed locks…..until a few weeks ago! During a serious business meeting , I sat across the table from another business woman who had the most unfortunate hair, long and straggly, over-bleached and brittle - complete with a two inch root re-growth…it was then I had my ‘hair epiphany’ moment!

I went straight back home, found a pair of lovely sharp dress-making scissors in my housekeeper’s mending box, I then divided my hair into two bunches and cut each of them off! My horrible, expensively bleached hair was on the bathroom floor - a few snips here and there, tricky at the back but not impossible, resulted in my new super - short, shorn locks! Now with a little help from a hair stylist to fine tune my d.i.y. cut, I feel clean, smart and modern…and thankfully nothing like the woman I had the misfortune to have met that day!

Now dear reader - the big reveal! You are the first to know about and to see my new hair. Short and almost natural in colour! No more bleaching, no more straggly shoulder length hair to blow dry every morning - just a quick run through with my fingers and it dries naturally as I leave for work. I feel completely liberated! Now I look at every female I see with the required centre parting, black roots, and tumbling mass of bleached “waves” with complete pity and am thrilled every time I see a reflection of my “new self”!

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