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Welcome to Jane's lifestyle section, where you can get insights into her lovely homes and interior ideas. Jane has a beautiful property in Portugal, which she has lovingly restored and decorated with fabulous white French style furniture to create light and airy interiors. In complete contrast to this stunning, sunny property, is her gorgeous Arts & Crafts cottage in Surrey, which has a quintessentially English feel to it, steeped in tradition and exquisite style. Come on in and enjoy a glimpse behind closed doors!'

Victoria Gray, Lifestyle Editor, S Magazine.

Californian Life February 25th 2014

It has been almost two months now that I have been residing in my home in California. I have been soaking in the sunshine as much as I can, and the Santa Monica beach is my go-to spot for relaxation. The longer I stay here the more and more fascinated I become with the Californian lifestyle.

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The Kindness of Strangers… October 08th 2013

Two weeks ago on a Tuesday evening our worst nightmare occurred in our lovely Mayfair showroom and offices.

Fire had broken out deep within the cavity space between two walls, it was only because the smoke and heat was so intense that the girls downstairs in our store were alerted and able to call the Fire Brigade.
Firemen from three stations were on the scene with four engines within minutes of our call.  This was the night before their day of action on the Wednesday.
They were due to go off shift but without hesitation, they were there and they saved our building from total and complete devastation and destruction.

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Happy 4th of July July 04th 2013

To all my American family and friends, to my American nephew Joe, to my (very much younger) American brother Jim, currently on tour with Maroon Five, to my American daughter-in-law, the acclaimed author Jennifer L Scott and her lovely family, including my adored American granddaughters, my (almost) American son Ben who owns and runs our sister brand throughout the USA, London Sole and his overweight American chihuahua dog “Gatsby” and to my many American friends everywhere, both here in London and in the United States and of course last but by no means least - my dearest, wonderful and loyal staff at London Sole including Maggie, Jackie and Jae and my truly best American girlfriend - Eileen - the greatest realtor on the planet!

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At Home January 06th 2012

With her roots firmly planted in the UK, Jane’s country house is as you would expect - quintessentially English, comfortable and traditional. Her beautiful Arts & Crafts home nestles in the glorious, leafy Surrey countryside and offers Jane a retreat from the business world and somewhere her family, for the past 30 years, have always called ‘home’.

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Portuguese Sanctuary January 03rd 2012

When you are running a global business, it is important to be able to really get away from it all sometimes. For Jane, this means escaping from the bustle of London or L.A. and to retreating to her Portuguese home twice a year - this is her ultimate sanctuary.

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